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Benefits of cork

Cork is the outer bark of Quercus suber, commonly known as the cork oak, which is primarily found in the western Mediterranean region. These evergreen trees are part of an ecoregion with some of the highest biodiversity seen around the world. Nature has imbued very remarkable properties into cork.


To harvest cork, the outer bark of the tree is stripped off very carefully by skilled harvesters. The tree is never cut down or harmed in any way. In fact, in Portugal, it is prohibited to cut down these trees. No part of the harvest is wasted. The outer bark of the tree eventually regenerates over several years and it can be harvested again.

Cork trees in Portugal


Since cork comes directly from nature and no synthetic chemicals are ever used in its processing, it is completely biodegradable. That means you never have to worry about your mat lying in a landfill forever and leaking harmful toxins into the environment.


Cork is naturally anti-microbial and highly effective at preventing the growth of bacteria. This means there will be no lingering odours and automatically stays clean.


The cork surface is well known for its anti-slip properties no matter how much you sweat. Moisture actually helps increase your grip so the more you sweat, the more grip you get.

Experience these remarkable properties of cork with us!